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He who was my companion through adventure and hardship is gone forever.


September 11, 2001


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My New Live WebCam!

Famed Frog in Ballooning Attack!

Life On Mars!

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Leviathan Studios employs many billions (if you count each cell in my body individually) creating cutting edge graphics (If you consider the cutting edge to have occurred five-to-eight years ago) on State-of-the-Art equipment (State of the Art in 1989, that is...)

Leviathan Studios is the home of Jonathan Andrew Sheen (seen here with actor Michael O'Hare of the television series "Babylon 5.")

{You didn't want to see me anyway, really...}

Noted writer, artist, raconteur, bon-vivant, man-about-town, pompous windbag and silly git, he is rumoured to have strange underground ties (which look pretty silly when he digs them up and clips them to his collar!) a beautiful wife, wonderful, recently-adopted dog and two rather bizarre cats.

Another link to Mandy's page!

He has a rather unfortunate crush on actress Sophie Aldred
She's very much worth looking at, really!
(Sophie Aldred photograph by:
Robin Prichard, TTL Productions
PO Box 57
Upminster, Essex,
RM14 1UH UK)

Leviathan Studios has been studying remote pharmacology and pro-active archeology. A friend who wishes to remain anonymous -- we'll call her "Willard Scott" -- has volunteered to be a part of this experiment.

Let's meet our test subject, please! Oh, Willard?Now, with Remote pharmacology and pro-active archeology activated:
This is my friend's picture. This is my friend's picture on Drugs. This is my friend's picture on a wall in 13th Century Venice. Any Questions?

You may, of course, suspect that I've merely been playing with pallettes and filters in Aldus PhotoStyler, using the filters from the famous "Classic Gallery Effects" module... But what do you know? You can't prove a thing! You'll never make it stick, I tell you! No! No! No!

Here are some things Mr. Sheen recommends, but they're okay anyway:

My friend and collaborator Matthew Jarpe

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
, in which our novella, The Bad Hamburger was published.

The Bad Hamburger
has been getting pretty good notices, but, a number of my friends and acquaintences were unable to buy the magazine when it was on the stands.

So, with kind permission from F&SF's editor, Gordon Van Gelder, Matt and I have both placed it on our web sites.

Here it is in HTML format.
And here it is as a Mobipocket E-Book for Palm Pilot.

Who would've thought "It Figures..."

My home page away from home!
A very little bit about my father.

Mr. Sheen actually, -- God knows how! -- has some friends.

This page belongs to one of them.

Like the VW Beetle? So does my friend Dave.

For Babylon 5 fans:
Boston-Area Babylon 5 Information
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

For Doctor Who fans:
Timelash.com (But the web site's better than that episode was!)

For fans of all sorts of Science Fictional Goofiness:
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion

For fans of Plain-Old Goofiness:
Comedy Central Home Page

Just in case you thought you had privacy!

"Ah, Abuse!" --Arthur Philip Dent, "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

What's that chord like, again.....?

"Let's look over here, Scully. The light's better."

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