The Leviathan Studios Custom Action Figure Collection!
The Adventure Team!
A Man Called Hawk!
Spider Man vs the Green Goblin!
Mid-Season James T. Kirk
Miscellaneaous Fun Figure Shots
Captain AmericaUnmasked!
It's me!
Thomas Andrews, Master Shipbuilder
Millionaire Industrialist Tony Stark
Luke Cage, POWER MAN!
Nightwing Restorations
MillionaireDanny Rand
Misty Knight
The Amazing Spider-Man versus Electro
The Invincible Iron Man
Ms. Marvel
The Red Skull!
Doctor Octopus!
Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts!
Captain Marvel!
Amalgam Comics' Iron Lantern
J. Jonah Jameson!
Tomb Raider's Lara Croft
An original character: Captain Olympiad!
It's not a good Thing
A Far, Far better Thing!
Darth Maul!
The Master
The Super Skrull
The Red Skull
"The name's Bond. James Bond."
Kitty Pryde
"The Golden Avenger"
Jackie Chan: Jedi Knight
"Detective Chow"
John Lennon
"Captain America: Super Soldier"
The Amazing Spider-Man!
"Liam Neeson as Rob Roy"
Die Hard's Bruce Willis
"The Winsome Wasp!"
Wonder Man!
James Bond in: "The Hit."
James Bond's Walther PPK
Professor Henry Jones, Sr.
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
A Public Service Message from the NRA
James Bond's best friend: Felix Leiter
Spenser and Hawk
Thomas Crown
James Bond in London
Sherlock Holmes
a 1:6 scale Misty Knight.
12-Inch "Star Trek" Conversions
Ian Fleming's "James Bond"
12-Inch Dracula
The Cast of WISEGUY
12-Inch J. Jonah Jameson
Kolchak, the Night Stalker
George Lazenby as James Bond
Spenser & Hawk in 1:6 scale
Bruce Willis in DIE HARD

in 1:6 scale
Gandalf the White
Will Turner


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