Spenser and Hawk

From the novels of Robert B. Parker come Boston Area Private Eye Spenser, and his friend Hawk.

Quick with a one-liner or a gun, Spenser is probably the most popular character in modern detective fiction.

His friend Hawk is possibly even more popular. Quick witted and contained, and ultimately deadly, Hawk was introduced as an adversary for Spenser, but ended up becoming a friend.

Both Spenser and hawk live by their own rigid codes of honor, Spenser's perhaps a little more convoluted than Hawk's.

"I see the advantages of old Spenser's code sometimes," Hawk says. "That's one reason I like to work with him. But he has a lot more rules than I do. I'll kill when he won't, and won't lose a wink of sleep over it. Maybe he'd do better to follow my code. Maybe not."

The two men, working together, have solved crimes, done in criminals, saved innocents, routed corruption, and generally made Boston a better place to live.

Spenser is a red-headed "Classic Collection" 12" GI-Joe with his eyebrows colored black and a 70's-style hairdo sculpted on with Super ElastiClay. In truth, he ended up looking a lot more like my image of Jesse Stone. If a decen "Robert Urich" headsculpt ever comes along, I'll re-paint this one with brown hair and call him Stone. His right hand is from a "Moving Soldier of the World." He's wearing Alex Rodriguez's "Seattle Mariners" jersey (from the 12" SLU of A.Rod.) and the leather jacket from the Korean War pilot carded accessory set, with the shoulder patch acetoned off. His pants were Ken's. His pistol came from the Korean War pilot accessory set and his machine gun from some "Ultimate Soldier" accessory pack.

Hawk is the head of Playmates' 12" "Captain Sisko" on the body of an AA CC Joe. His shoes are a pair of Joe boots cut down to "Shoe" size. His pants and shirt and shades are Ken's, his tie a piece of blue ribbon, and his leather jacket was Elvis'. Both of his weapons are from an "Ultimate Soldier" accessory pack.