Bruce Wayne: The Batman!

Gotham City's protector is the world-famous Batman

His padded, armored cowl protectys both his identity and his skull.

Only a few know that it hides the features of Millionaire Industrialist Bruce Wayne!

Bruce Wayne is a dedicated social activist, playboy, bon-vivant, and man about town... As well as the social eyes and ears of his darknight alter ego.

Batman famously works with his partner, Robin...

But not this Robin!

Bruce Wayne's head is from a "Star Trek: Insurrection" William Riker. I cut off the entire bottom of the neck and hot-glued it over the savaged stump of a DareDevil head. His body is a type two body, modified by cutting out the arm muscles closest to the armpits to let the arms hang straighter.the cape is cut from crappy cloth -- I'll re-do it later -- and the belt is cut from Yellow Vynil, with a buckle from a craft-store doll-shoe (I'll give it packets and pockets of yellow craft-foam at a later date.) The boots are cut down Sinister boots. The shorts are also Sinister's. The gloves are Captain America's, colored with a blue "Sharpie" permanent marker (Blue "points" to be added when I figure out a good method for them.) His tights are from a Mego "Mad Monster" werewolf. The shirt is from Nick Robinson's pattern, made of nice grey stretch lycra. (Yeah, I'll re-do the tights in that stuff, too.) The chest emblem is printed out from one from Doctor Mego's site. The cowl is fun. I sculpted ears and brow ridges onto the Riker head, and then diped it repeatedly -- with drying breaks in between -- into blue "Liquid Latex Body Costmetic" purchased from a nearby X-Rated Video and Sex Toy shop. Then I cut out the eye and noseholes with small, sharp scissors on my Swiss Army Knife.