Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, a man named Lucas agreed to take part in medical experiments to shorten his prison sentence. When the experiment was sabotaged, he found it had given him steel-hard skin, and greatly increased his muscle density. He escaped from Seagate Prison, and took the name Luke Cage. Luke, for the man he was. Cage, for a prison he swore he'd never return to. And a Hero-for-Hire was born!

Luke Cage is a "Falcon" with his mask removed with acetone. His Afro is sculpted in black "Sculpey Super-Flex." The symbol over the Falcon's brow was painted silver, and a silver-covered twist-tie from a computer component was wrapped around his forhead to re-create Cage's headband. Jis pants are from a 9" Star Trek figure, with the cuffs removed. His boots are hand-made from yellow vynil, using a pattern by Blair Tarleton. The shirt is hand-made from yellow satin. The chain belt is a bit of chain I found in a Tool-Box. The cuffs are silver-colored ribbon from the craft section of Wal-Mart.