"Captain Olympiad!"

Captain Olympiad is a Silver-Age Marvel Universe character who never was. He was invented by me in the mid-1970's, as a more exciting identity for Big Jack. I'm proud to present him here, politically-incorrect origin and all, as a Famous Covers figure.

A Boston-based superhero, Captain Olympiad is secretly

"Big Jack" Robinson, a former Gold-medal Olympic athlete, and millionaire industrialist and inventor sometimes known as "The Black Tony Stark." Robinson is flattered by the comparison -- as is Stark -- but shakes his head. "I think you should call him The White Jack Robinson."

Robinson was one of the stars of America's 1972 Olympic team, earning gold medals in boxing, wrestling, decathlon, gymnastics, and speed-swimming. When the "Black September" terrorist group took the Isreali team hostage, Jack set out to rescue them. He cobbled together a costume from athletic tights, and fashioned a defensive shield from a sheet-metal sign stolen from a fence.

His failure to rescue them from that jet plane scarred him, and filled him with a determination never to allow those who would use terror and violence to succeed. That day, Captain Olympiad was born.

He built a new costume, with kevlar armor at his back and a cybernetic-electronic shield that would give him the power to fly.

When he plugs the gold medal on his belt into a socket in his shield, his physical strength, speed and dexterity are boosted tenfold for a period of ten minutes. Now Boston and the world have a new protector, and justice a new champion.

Captain Olympiad
is here!

Falcon body. Head and hands from a European "Big Jack" figure. Body, head, and hands painted to match one another. Falcon's trousers and briefs. Boots from a "Quest for Canelot" doll. The rest of the costume is custom made. The front of the top is white vynil. the back-piece is white craft foam with a label. The belt is blue vynil with a plastic "Gold Medal" from a skater doll as a belt buckle. Gauntlets are vynil. The mask is made of dark blue swimsuit lycra, with an eyepiece of Rosebar "Liquid Gold Lame" superglued to the mask. The shield is cut from a cottage cheese tub, with an inner section of white craft foam, and straps from one of those two-ball pony-tail holders.