Famed archeologist Henry Jones, Jr.

Our photographer surprised Doctor Jones, and paid the price.

Doctor Jones seems to have aquired a prize in his digging.

It is said that natives here worship this strange, one-horned skull.

Doctor Jones is willing to count on his trusty Webley pistol to protect him...

From overzealous natives or gun-wielding competitors.

The head is a resin-cast custom head I bought online from here. The body is an "Ultimate Soldier." Gunbelt and boots from the same Ultimate Soldier, with a holster from the Ultimate Soldier "Operation Market Garden" figure, a pistol from the 12" "Rick McConnell" from "The Mummy" and scabbarded knife from a "Soldier of the World." The pants and belt are from the Universal 12" Wolf-Man. Shirt and Jacket from Bob Hope, and the whip is a length of braided lether thong, stuck in the end of a length of the handle from the Famous Covers "Mjolnir," with some Super-Elasticlay giving it the customary taper. His canteen is from a "Soldiers of the World" civil war set, as is his satchel.