Here is Iron Fist, the Living Weapon, finest warrior of the fabled city of K'un-Lun.
When he summons his Chi, his fighting spirit, his fist begins to smolder, to glow, until it becomes like unto a thing of iron....
The brand on his chest is the mark of his first and greatest battle, against Shou-Lau the Undying, the mighty dragon that is the source of his power.
Iron Fist traveled from K'un-Lun to this world on a mission of vengeance -- but in the end, he turned his back on that bloody cycle, and went to find his way in the world.
His career led him to fight foes as formidable as the Wrecking Crew, and find a friend and partner in Luke Cage, Power Man. For many years, they worked together as a company called "Heroes for Hire."
Iron Fist is never afraid to face even the most formidable of foes, and, as you see here, his martial arts prowess is unmatched.
Here's a back view of the costume.

Iron Fist is Prominent New York Millionaire Daniel Thomas Rand. The costume is completely custom-made in shiny green and shiny golden swimsuit lycra. The back of his collar and the soles of his booties are made of yellow "mock-leather" vinyl. Invaluable in this process was the wonderful pattern for the "Type One" male Famous Covers body-suit by Blair Tarleton. The Dragon Brand was drawn with a Sanford "Sharpie" black permanent marker.