"Lara Croft!"

Here we have famed archeologist and computer-generated Babe Lara Croft.

Lara's cute as a bunny and tough as nails, too!

Her fans are spread across the internet, devoting hundreds of sites to her adventures and image.

Lara's head is, well, Lara's head from the dopey "Lara Croft in Wet Suit" statuette -- I got it at KB for cheap, because the box was crushed -- along with the background. (The champagne bottle is a wedding favor.)
The body is a Dark Phoenix, with Doctor Doom's feet and Black Widow's hands.
She's wearing Ken's hiking boots, Bob Hope's socks, Daisy Duke's Daisy Dukes and slutty pink top.
The spear-gun is hers, cut off of the vinyl statue. (I'm going to have to re-paint the handle of it.) The .45 automatic in the front of her belt is courtesy of The Ultimate Soldier.