"The Master"

Just as the Doctor roams the universe, risking his all for thwe innocent, for the downtrodden, for freedom, there is one who travels on an ongoing mission of relentless greed, and lust for power.

This dark time lord, a renegade, has battled the Doctor time and time again, leaving a trail of death and despair behind him.

The Master was once the Doctor's close friend, and perhaps he enjoys his battles with his nemesis too much to end them.

Ever resourcefull, never finally defeated, it seems as if, as long as there's a Doctor, there shall always be...

"The Master"

Star Trek 9" body (O'Brien, maybe?) with the head from the 12" Gambit. Sculpey Super-Flex for hair and beard. Pants, Vest and Jacket from 9" James West. Black shirt from Pediatrician Ken. Ray Gun from 8" Lost In Space Robot.