Here's Leviathan Studios' CEO, noted Writer, Artist, Raconteur, Tech Support Rep and Toy Collector Jonathan Andrew Sheen.
Look! It's Jonathan Sheen!
Who's that behind those ugly Foster Grants?
Jonathan's a well-known wiseass...
And mediocre guitarist of no known talent.
Jonathan dresses for comfort, thereby creating his own style...
He comes with three outfits, and a windbreaker.
His accessories include a 1966 Harmony Meteor guitar, a guitar case, and a laptop computer (not shown.)
This figure is an Exclusive Premiere "Ralph Kramden" figure. The head is custom sculpted in Super Sculpey, and hand-painted, both by the one and only
Ric Allendorf

The microphone and stand is from Exclusive Premiere's "Happy 95th Birthday" George Burns figure, and the guitar is a .gif file of a 1966 Harmony Meteor (identical to my own) printed on label paper, stuck to a sheet of foamcore, and carefully cut out with a very sharp Xacto knife. The sides and back of the guitar were colored black with a "Sharpie" black permanent marker.
The eyeglasses were a scanned photograph of my own eyeglasses, printed on label paper, cut out with an Xacto knife, and stuck to a clear plastic bottle (Eviane, I think) and then cut out in full shape, again with an Xacto knife.
The outfits are primarily from Ken, including Ken's sneakers pulled over Ralph's shiny shoes. The blue jeans with the Hawaiian shirt are from Ralph's original outfit. The ugly sunglasses were Ken's and he's welcome to them.

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