Some Miscellaneous Fun Figure Shots

Mulder and Scully finally make the arrest that will unravel the alien conspiracy once and for all!

"Hmmm," thought Uncle Duke. "Looks like those four Peyote buttons finally kicked in!"

Even toys need toys...

Captain America vs. Alien!

Cap fearlessly hurls himself against a terrifying Alien warrior aboard a high-tech station, as it burns around them!

With a single mighty throw, Captain America saves Spidey from Electro's electric blast!

The Mighty Thor photographed over MIT!

The end of a Referee....

After the "Road" movies....

He's the best there is at what he does, but what he does really isn't very nice!

"My Spider-Sense! It's going off like a fire alarm!"

Heroes converge on a New York City building.

Tony Stark in a hurry on a New York City street.

Tony Stark aboard his luxury yacht, the Throat Warbler Mangrove, with Jim Rhodes during Rhodey's stint as Iron Man.

Ugly issues of rank come to the for aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.