Prominent New York Millionaire
Daniel Thomas Rand

We caught up with Danny Rand while he was working out in his private gymnasium/health club in the famed Rand Townhouse, one of New York City's most beautiful landmarks.

Danny ("Please," he told us, early on, "Mr. Rand was my Dad -- and even he was a little uneasy with it.") was just stepping out of his indoor pool, having completed more laps than we like to imagine.

A polite, quiet, occasionally solemn young man, he showed the occasional flash of wry humor.

His swimsuit was purchased at K-Mart ("Sure, I could buy 'em at Saks Fifth Avenue for five times as much, but why bother? I like to spend responsibly.") a kind of modesty that reminds many old-time New Yorkers of his late father, Wendell Rand, who quietly took New York City's high society by storm. Wendell later took his WIfe, Miranda, and 9-year-old son, Danny, into the Himalayas, on an ill-fated expidition to find a fabled "lost city."

Wendell and Miranda were killed, and Danny spent the next ten years in the care of a local monastery, of which he is loathe to speak. It was there, shortly before returning to the West, that he acquired the rather interesting dragon tattoo seen here.

Our photographer, Jonathan Sheen, had little luck photographing the martial-arts workout that followed the swim.

"I've photographed a lot of athletes in my time," he said "but never one like this. He was just too fast to follow!" Danny was gracious enough to allow himself to be photographed during a break.

Danny wasn't winded after his high-speed martial-arts workout. He conversed comfortably with us as he sipped some Gatorade.

As we said our fairwells, after he'd changed into more casual wear, Danny thanked us and apologized to our readers for his reticence.

"I know you're all very interested in my years in the East," he said, "but it's really hard for me to talk about. My parents died, murdered by my father's crazed partner, before my eyes. There's a lot that I can't discuss."

He looked sadly down for a moment, seeming a bit dazed by all he's been through.

"There are wounds there that I sometimes think are healed, and sometimes think never will."

And then he smiled, a sweet, boyish smile. "But it's been a pleasure having you visit. Please, come back again."

It's a sincere invitation, and one we're sure we'll take him up on.

Danny Rand is a Daredevil body with a head from an Applause 9" Luke Skywalker vinyl statue.

The Swim Trunks were Daredevil's boxer shorts, the Karate Gi was a Barbie outfit, modified with black stripes and a dragon to hide the Barbie "B" and the casual outfit from an Exclusive Premiere "Luke Duke."

An actual "Iron Fist" costume is in the works.