Millionaire Industrialist
Tony Stark

Stark poses with one of his greatest inventions,
the helmet of his famed Iron Man armor
Stark, probably the world's greatest engineering genius, is also a philanthropist, and the financier who backs the mighty Avengers.

News Flash! Toy Biz is releasing an "Official" Famous Covers Iron Man figure, in his Silver Age armor, with a newly sculpted Silver Age Tony Stark head!

Below, the current image of Tony Stark, as drawn by Sean Chen. This is the version I based my Tony on.
Below, my custom Tony Stark.
(This is a crop of the image above.)
Below, courtesy of the Raving Toy Maniac's news page, is the upcoming Famous Covers Tony Stark head.

Tony Stark is a Famous Covers Peter Parker body. His head is a Playmates 9" "Dr. Julian Bashir," from Deep Space Nine. His eyebrows were wiped out with Acetone, and re-drawn, along with the mustache and goatee, with a Sanford "Rub-a-Dub" laundry marking pen.

The suit is a "Fashion Avenue Ken" outfit, and the Iron Man helmet is from a Toy Biz 10" "Iron Man in Space Armor" figure. (It's too small to fit over Stark's head, so I needed a new helmet when I made the Iron Man costume.)