James Bond
"The Hit"

An innocent-looking businessman walks, carrying a briefcase. But wait! Does he look familiar?

His name's Bond. James Bond. Sometimes his job's a clean one, a stand-up fight.

Sometimes it's dirty. When it is, it requires special tools.

The parts are all there. Bond's next actions are quick, precise.

He fits the barrel onto the pistol-gripped main body.

Next the stock clicks into place. Precious seconds tick by, but Bond is unhurried.

He snaps in the magazine into place. Now the gun is fully loaded.

Finally, he attaches the telescopic sight.

Yes! The sight is clear, and autofocus is working correctly.

Bond takes his place on the edge of the concourse, takes aim....

And fires!

Minutes later, an innocent man with a briefcase shows his passport to the customs officer. James Bond's dirty little mission is done.

James Bond is wearing the business suit from Mattel's "Frank Sinatra: The Recording Years," black shoes from a Civil War "Soldiers of the World" figure, and custom-made black socks. Bond's collapsible sniper rifle also belonged to the Sunny Smile "Strike Force" Assassin. The briefcase that came with that figure looked exactly like it would carry a sniper rifle, so I replaced it with one that originally contained nail clippers, files, scissors and other manicure supplies.
His passport is custom-made, based on a "printable mini" from here. This is the second version of "The Hit." If you like the old version better, it lives here.