"When bad THINGs happen to good customizers..."

"Aw, nuts! Like Lee 'n' Kirby didn't make me ugly enough! I wanted Alicia t'sculpt me! This ain't no Alicia Masters piece, that's fer sure!"

"What kinda hack did this t'me? Lemme check the directories, like Reed showed me..."

"Oh, f'r cryin' out loud! Sheen!?!?!? I shoulda known it was you, ya no-talent bum! I've got just one thing to say to ya, Sheen:"


Famous Covers Hulk body. Thing head sculpted over Hulk head from Sculpey Super-Flex, cured with a heat gun, right index finger removed, Thing hands and feet sculpted over Hulk hands and feet from Sculpey Super-Flex, cured with a heat gun. Black bodysuit from black-costume Famous Covers Spider-Man, with bits of orange craft foam glued to it. Custom made shorts from light-blue swimsuit lycra and black pleather.
This was all done much better, and first by Nick Robinson, who included a recipe. Just wander around Nick's site for awhile, he's brilliant!