"Bruce Willis!"

The return of "Bruno" to action figure form.

When you're 8 inches tall and made of plastic...

being dumped by Demi Moore doesn't hurt so much.

And when you're as buff as this...

...you're ready to repeat your lines from "Die Hard:"

"Ya got me, Hans. Ya got me..."

I stole this shot from Matthew J. Scheiman

Matthew J. Scheiman came up with the idea of swapping teh Bruce Wilis head from the "Armageddon" figure to a "Famous Covers" figure. I went with a Playing Mantis "Action Jackson" body instead. I hollowed out Bruce's neck and mounted it on Action Jackson's neck post. What I found was that the neck was too short, so I backed the head off by about an eighth of an inch, and filled in the space with flesh-toned "Sculpey Super Flex." The costume in the first few pictures is: WWII Ranger AJ's pants, Ken's shoes, Drew Carey's socks, and Michael Jordan's golf shirt. The "Die Hard" costume is jeans from "Jed Clampett" (cuffed) and a shirt I made myself. The Walther P38 pistole belonged to Maxwell Smart.